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Welcome to Human Maximum Performance™
We are an Official ArgMatrix® Distributor

Human Maximum Performance is comprised of athletes who have used ArgMatrix® since 1983. Our group includes world class athletes, Olympic athletes, world-record holders, and athletes seeking Human Maximum Performance.

Truth is, we got tired of paying outrageous prices for authentic ArgMatrix®, avoiding the blatant knock-off’s (which don’t work) and not being able to find it at all. It was so frustrating, that we decided to get an official license from Glycemic Nutrition Laboratory™, to distribute the Official Dr. Ann de Wees Allen® ArgMatrix®.

We are athletes, not millionaires, and with the New price of $ 39.95 for ArgMatrix®, we can finally afford it.

As athletes, our bodies are our most important commodity, and no product has ever had the amazing affect that ArgMatrix® produces.

Recovery is the most significant aspect in training, and there has never been a product that provides the benefits of ArgMatrix® in both recovery and performance.

WADA & Olympic-legal natural GH & Nitric Oxide products are hard to find, and long-term safety is always a concern. ArgMatrix® has been used and tracked in 250,000 humans over a 30-year period. There is no other sports product with that record of safety and effectiveness – we should know because we were part of that testing group.

Our HMP website will also carry other great Official Dr. Ann de Wees Allen® products, like the Fat-Burning Coffee & Tea, Codebreaker, Low Glycemic Protein Shakes, and Bone Matrix. Dr. Allen has been busy in the lab creating new scientific breakthrough products, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Feel free to ask us any questions about how to use ArgMatrix® in performance sports and training. We are happy to help. We will post the answers (Q & A) at this website.

If you have a picture and story about how ArgMatrix® works for you, just sent it to us and we will post it. The best story of the month wins a free ArgMatrix®.